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New Released Casual Games

  • Hidden Object Crosswords 2 Game
  • Hidden Object Crosswords 2
  • Solve crosswords to find the hidden objects! Enjoy the sequel to one of the most successful mix of word and hidden objects game genre!
  • Dreamscapes: Nightmare's Heir Game
  • Dreamscapes: Nightmare's Heir
  • The Sandman is back for revenge! This time his victim is Tim, Laura's husband. Will you succeed in pulling him out of this nightmare?
  • Fantasy Mosaics 5 Game
  • Fantasy Mosaics 5
  • Challenge your mind with a new collection of colorful mosaic puzzles while discovering beautiful images.

New PC Games Of This Month

When minotaurs attack, only you can save the day.
Bring an end to Mr. Dudley's reign of terror!
A fire breaks out during a concert, and now your daughters are both missing. Hurry to track them down – their music may hold the key to life and death!
Submerge into the unique deep-sea world with your amusing aquatic buddies that will never let you feel bored in Fishdom: Depths of Time.
In this exciting match-3 game, you’ve been called upon by the Queen to cultivate the biggest garden ever. Are you up to the task?
Gather your team of wizards! Complete over 100 puzzles in the magical world of Mana Crusher!
A deadly secret lurks in the woods of Dire Grove!
Stop Morgana by helping Princess Arianna find the essential elements to remove the curse from her kingdom.
Track down a vampire hiding on a Mississippi riverboat cruise.
Find out who framed your fiancé for murder and clear his name
You are the key to solving a chilling supernatural mystery!
Save your friends and escape from a deadly game!
Become the best castle builder! Create a castle accurately and protect it from the annoying baddies!
Outwit the old sea dog and seize the pirates' gold! Play solitaire right on the deck of the reavers' ship.
Man the guns! The enemy has recovered and is attacking! Defend the fort against the siege, build cannons, use secret weaponry and have faith in victory!
Become the champion of a royal tournament! Outplay your rivals and win the kingdom's grand prize!
Warriors of darkness have just attacked your people. Now you alone can defeat them and save your fellow Healers!
Someone is stealing the hearts of children – literally! Is it a brilliant inventor, seeking to cure his ailing son? Or has dark magic taken over the village...
Hot releases in casual games of this month are contained above list. Each individual page includes more detail and system requirements to play games. You can use visa card, master card, american express card, discover card and also PayPal to purchase games.