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New Released Casual Games

  • Button Tales Game
  • Button Tales
  • Something terrible has happened to Buttonlands! Your wonderful little world is now in ruins and it's up to you to restore it.

New PC Games Of This Month

The head of the Maybard family has been murdered!
After an explosion at Stonehenge, fiery and icy portals appear!
Mysterious creatures are terrorizing the train!
Stop the evil Princess of Hearts and discover your true destiny!
"Rome Defenders" offers a new take on Tower Defense games and challenges with exciting and unique action!
Explore 8 different worlds that contain a total of 640 exciting puzzles and enjoy them in classic 2D or glorious 3D!
Dive into the heart of an unbelievable investigation. Time's running out, can you solve this mystery?
Explore newly created islands, teeming with bizarre creatures and heart-stopping danger!
Stop the dark witches before they regain their power!
Explore 17th-century France as you track down a masked killer.
Mysterious creatures are terrorizing the train!
A magical egg is about to turn one girl's world upside-down.
Queen Aerin saves her kingdom from a new menace – evil Duke von Gross.
Complete fun and challenging matching puzzles and climb to the top of the Jewel Tree scoreboard!
Can you stop a vengeful spirit before it's too late?
Uncover the secrets buried under Karkhala Peak.
Who broke the agreement between good and evil?
Can you save the Metzengerstein line before it's too late?
Hot releases in casual games of this month are contained above list. Each individual page includes more detail and system requirements to play games. You can use visa card, master card, american express card, discover card and also PayPal to purchase games.