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New Released MAC Action Arcade Games

  • ClearIt 4 Game
  • ClearIt 4
  • Clear It is back with a variety of unique color-matching challenges!
  • Trito's Adventure Game
  • Trito's Adventure
  • Help Trito, son of Poseidon, save the entire underwater kingdom in this match 3 adventure!
  • Katy and Bob: Cake Cafe Game
  • Katy and Bob: Cake Cafe
  • Katy and Bob are back in their 3rd adventure! Do they have what it takes to run a successful bakery?

New MAC Action Arcade Games Of This Month

The hidden village of mages is threatened by a catastrophe. Their only hope is a young mage apprentice!
Clear It is back with more marble shooting action! You won’t want to miss these new puzzles!
A portal has opened, and dark magic is pouring through! Only you can close the gateway and defeat the evil Ice Golem. But you'll need to hurry!
Embark on an epic adventure through medieval times and help protect a medieval village in this match 3 adventure!
Help Eric match his way to success in this exciting new addition to the Spellarium series!
Help Clara and her adoptive father find the Mask of Seasons in this innovative match 3 adventure.
One small click can bring big results. Strike back at the invaders of your desperate nation with a powerful new weapon.
Play fun match 3 levels and earn Petdollars to buy Kitty beautiful clothes!
Match cute monsters in rows and save Multland before it’s too late!
In this highly anticipated sequel to Spellarium, help the wizard create a new element!
Dive into this spooky match 3 adventure and help Victoria decorate the School of Magic for Halloween.
Match tasty fruits as you travel with circus animals through the USA, France, Germany and other amazing countries.
Explore the dungeons of Cliffmont Castle in this unique new match-3 adventure!
Gather balls of the same color in increasingly difficult levels in this action brain teaser.
A Canary is lost! Assist a grandmother and her funny cat Leonardo on their investigation into the mysterious kidnapping.
Help find the kidnapped owl pupils in this Match 3 adventure!
Help the young hotel manager create a 5 star luxury hotel and turn it into the holiday resort of your dreams.
Explore a world of mythical demons and hidden treasures while saving a magical kingdom in this exciting Match 3 adventure!

Alphabetical List Of All MAC Action Arcade Games