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New Released MAC Games

  • Rescue Team 7 Game
  • Rescue Team 7
  • Mother Nature has met her match! When the Earth trembles, volcanoes rumble and thunder splits the sky, the Rescue Team is there to save the day.

New MAC Games Of This Month

FormIt is a unique and colorful puzzle game where you complete challenging levels by filling the empty cells with the pieces available to you.
This may be the Amazing Garibaldi Brothers’ final performance!
Become a Firewielder and prevent the Dark Lord’s rise!
The flutist returns to Hamelin, but he’s back for revenge!
Can you free Prometheus from Zeus's eternal punishment?
Rebuild your family business and defeat the pirate king to save your father!
Join Boom and Zap and clear a path in Rescue Quest Gold - a premium match-3 game with 260+ magical levels!
An artistic puzzle game inspired by 20th century Art Deco & stained glass artisans. Combine glass pieces to unveil themes from around the world!
A mahjong quest to construct an ancient temple and invoke the Gods!
Can you save your sister from a sinister game?
Travel to the underworld and save your love from Death's embrace!
Explore the four corners of Oz in this thrilling fantasy game!
Your brother gets in trouble during the filming of his ghost hunting show!
Save an ancient forest from the dark powers that threaten to destroy it in this exciting hidden object adventure!
The legacy of the Weather Lord continues as King Victor and Queen Victoria prepare to pass the royal torch to their daughter, Jenny. But before Jenny can rule, she must learn the ropes!
Follow Emily on her quest to trace the mysterious woman, elude death and ultimatly catch the killer in Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt.
The ghosts are back for a pirate treasure adventure in Laruaville 6! Puzzle your way through 140 match-3 levels and find the treasure!
Journey to the mythical Nine Worlds to save the Earth!

Alphabetical List Of All MAC Games