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New Released MAC Puzzle Games

  • Beyond: The Fading Signal Game
  • Beyond: The Fading Signal
  • Your brother's invention has made contact with aliens. Help him defeat an intergalactic invasion before the Earth is destroyed.

New MAC Puzzle Games Of This Month

Can you unite the witches and hunters to defeat an unimaginable foe?
Stop an evil dragon from plunging the Empire into darkness!
Solve the puzzle of the red mist and save a missing camper before they meet a terrifying end.
Uncover a conspiracy against the king!
Can you rid the city of a malevolent monster in time?
Can you help stop an ancient evil in time?
Use new vampire abilities to save your beloved in time!
You are sent to a remote island to solve a simple case that quickly turns into a cat and mouse game between you and the culprits.
Face the fears in Sebastian's Cinema of Horrors!
Three legendary detectives join forces to solve a horrible crime!
The next installment of World's Greatest Cities Mosaics is here with more colorful nonogram puzzles set in the greatest cities in the world!
Help Odin’s messenger Munin navigate 9 worlds and lead her to the golden throne of Asgard in this unique puzzle platformer!
Way to Go! A fun puzzle game with simple rules and surprising challenges.
In this hidden object murder mystery, a single page from a journal leads a woman down a dangerous path of deception to track down a murderer.
Can you stop a malevolent force from stealing souls in time?
Can you save escaped magical creatures before it’s too late?
A chilling tale of death, deception, and the supernatural!
Challenge your brain and free all the butterflies in SpellKeeper, a unique logic puzzler filled with unexpected challenges.

Alphabetical List Of All MAC Puzzle Games